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Windows Backup Software Review

What Can Windows Backup Software Do?

Backup software for Windows can back up all file types and even full systems, including software. Using secure backup files you can quickly restore files or using a disk image an entire system. Or if you want to move your data from an unsupported Windows XP machine to a new Windows 8 or 7 PC or laptop, this software can help you perform the transfer easily. The best Windows backup software also includes encryption methods for securing your files from corruption while maintaining your privacy.

For the purpose of this comparison we considered Windows backup solutions that are actual software rather than online services. We looked for those especially intended to back up Windows-based, personal-use PCs or laptops. Many of these software companies also offer server and business solutions, but for this review we compared home-use or introductory versions. However, we do mention in the review the advanced versions in case they would better satisfy your backup needs.

If you are looking for a backup solution for your Windows machines, you may want to consider Acronis. If you get the version most appropriate to your needs, this software can handle any backup scenario. You may also want to compare NovaBACKUP and EaseUS. To learn more about data backup, read our articles on Windows Backup Software.

Windows Backup Software: What to Look For

The first consideration when choosing a new backup solution is what type of backup tools you need and what kind of backup storage devices you plan to use. You will want to consider software that can back up all types of files and one that can back up to your preferred storage device, whether online, local or within the same system. If you are not familiar with backup technologies, you might want to consider one that offers helpful wizards. If you require advanced tools and configurations, you will want to look for a product with advanced features. If you need to manage sensitive data, look for backup software that includes security options.

Backup Features
To discover the software best capable of handling most backup scenarios, we compared backup tools, number of file types that can be backed up, and the compatible storage media. Top Windows backup software performs all types of backups, from simple file backup to disk imaging. They should also include backup wizards for quickly creating backup schedules, as well as advanced configuration tools for those who require them. Advanced backup tools include compression controls, resource usage throttling, and retention policy management. While most software can back up any file type, we still compared them to help you know which software will best fit your situation best. We also researched what type of backup storage devices are supported so you can select one that supports the type of storage you intend to use, whether online or on site.

Recovery Tools
The entire point of backing up your data is to be able to restore it when you need to. Facing a hardware failure, nasty malware attack or laptop theft is stressful enough on its own, so easy-to-use, quick restoration options are extremely welcome during your time of need. We looked for Windows backup software that includes restoration wizards for guiding you through the backup process and advanced restoration tools for managing complex restoration jobs. Another consideration is what kind of restoration it can process. Can it move data to a new system? To dissimilar hardware? If you are worried about a hardware failure and plan on upgrading to a new system soon, you will want to select one that can migrate your data for you.

Keeping your backup files fully intact and uncorrupted is necessary to ensure a successful restoration. The best backup software for Windows includes security technologies to help you secure backup files and images. Most backup software will, at the minimum, provide encryption for your files. Encrypted files, stored at a remote location, can only be opened using the original cipher that your backup software created. This technology keeps your data secure no matter where it is stored. Some backup software will also perform malware or antivirus scans on incoming files before they are downloaded. While the software cannot actually remove the malware, it can provide a warning so you don’t unknowingly install a potentially dangerous file.

Help & Support
The best backup software companies have the resources available to provide satisfactory support to its paid customers. At the minimum, email support should be offered and the company should provide adequate support documentation. The best companies also keep backup software frequently updated and provide telephone technical support if needed.

Data loss is unavoidable without prevention. Someday your hardware will fail, your operating system will freeze up and refuse to boot, or your laptop or tablet will be lost or stolen. Or, you or someone who uses your computer may just accidentally delete critical files. Windows backup software can help you quickly create a dependable backup schedule so that you can gracefully mitigate your data-loss problem when it occurs. Our reviews can help you find the software that will best fit your specific backup needs.